What is rail transport?

Freight is transported by rail under special conditions. For example, freight wagons are used to move goods. Flat wagons are used to transport heavy machinery that is long, or rebar, iron parts, and beams. These wagons are flat, two-axle, four-axle or six-axle. Roofing wagons are designed and built in such a way that after placing the goods, the wagon door is closed and sealed.

This wagon is used for goods that are not resistant to sunlight, oxygen and moisture. Tank wagons, used in the rail transport industry, are for goods such as fuels and liquids. Refrigerated wagons are another type of wagon used for rail transportation. These wagons are used to transport perishable materials such as dairy products and meat and vegetables. These wagons have a cooling system and automatically adjust the temperature during the trip. Amir Logistics International Transport Company is ready to provide various types of rail, land and air transportation services for your loved ones by providing international transportation services.

The calculation of the price of international rail transport depends on several factors, which are described below. Want to know: How much does rail transportation cost? So be sure to keep all of these in mind.

Advantages of rail transport

One of the branches of international transport is rail transport. Commercial companies that seek the highest security to transport their goods and the volume of their goods is very large, use rail transport. Using trains instead of trucks greatly contributes to the environment and air pollution. Energy consumption is about 50 to 70 percent less than land transportation, which saves transportation costs.

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