What is maritime transport?

There are always four ways for merchants and traders to transport goods internationally; Sea transport, land transport (road), rail transport and air transport. One of the best ways to transport goods internationally is by sea. Any transport of goods by ship, boat, vessel or other vessel on the sea, lake, canals and rivers is called maritime transport..

Maritime transport is one of the most important modes of transport used around the world. For centuries, this method has helped humans to meet the conditions of their travel and business. Despite the invention of new modes of transport, sea freight has not lost its importance. It is estimated that about 90% of the world’s international transportation is by sea.

Advantages of maritime transport

More than 90% of the world’s goods are shipped by sea, and this is due to the many advantages of this method for foreign trade compared to air, rail or road transport. In a growing global economy, the need to transport more than Shipments increase in the shortest possible time. This has led to the construction of so-called mega ships, which have the capacity to carry large quantities of goods in thousands of containers. Transportation has a great impact on the development of our daily lives, even if some Sometimes we are unaware of this fact.

Disadvantages of maritime transport

We have already mentioned the benefits of sea transportation. The only disadvantage of maritime transport is the long transfer time by this method. Sea freight transport takes longer than land and air transport, part of which is related to climate change that affects the movement of ships, and part of which is related to the ship’s itinerary and the route that ships take to They transfer goods.

This method is considered to be the best method if there is no rush in the transfer of goods. For the transportation of cargo by sea, most goods are loaded in containers, in addition to the possibility of easy transportation, they are also safe from any damage.

All kinds of cargo in maritime transport

Sea and ocean freight with different sea freight rates can be divided into several different categories, which are described below.

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