What is ground transportation?

Land transportation is an inexpensive method of transportation and is commonly used to transport large items that are not time sensitive. Ground transportation requires an average shipping time of between 3 and 10 days. If your transportation requires overnight, high speed or international delivery, then consider using rail transportation, ocean container shipping or air transportation as transportation options. With land transportation, delivery time is merely a function of the location between sender and receiver.

Land transportation, which is one of the branches of international transportation, has various types that are used in our country and other foreign countries. The method of transporting this type of cargo by trailers as well as trucks, using land and rail fleets, has become a natural thing. For a long time, most of our country's products are sent from Turkey and several other European countries, using land transportation method to various destinations, such as CIS countries.

One of the most important points in the field of land transportation is the issuance of the bill of lading and its special importance. This bill of lading consists of items such as the details and address of the sender, the recipient's address, the origin of sending the details, the type, size, number and weight of the goods, the cost of renting the route and also the destination of receiving the goods. These bills of lading must have 3 copies and these 3 copies must be provided to the ground handler, the receiver and the sender. Finally, the bills of lading must be signed by all three parties.

What are the benefits of ground transportation?

More security in transportation

This model of transportation has more safety and health in carrying goods such as home furniture and fragile items. For this reason, they use this method of transportation to transport this type of goods, whether over short distances or long distances.

Reduce packaging costs

Compared to other modes of transportation, the packing process in road transport is less complicated. For road and land transportation, there is less need for packaging or no packaging at all.

Fast delivery

The speed of goods transfer in this method is much higher than other methods of transportation. In this case, the owners of the goods are in direct contact with the transport company or the driver. Unloading, shipping and loading are done much faster.

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